---- Who leads Kairos ? ----

Gauthier Tourbier


Born in 1990 in Amiens

Engineer deeply curious and entrepreneur


Current location : Paris 


Graduated from l’Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat (Lyon – France),  the University of Birmingham (UK) and from l’Université de Lyon (France). 


"Driven by values of solidarity, I am someone optimistic. I am convinced that intelligence and creativity are stimulated by the multiplication of experiences and knowledge in various fields."


I like: Stimulating/Suggesting new ideas, moving, endeavouring to understand why people think what they think, find what I was not looking for, testing and learning.
And: Walking, hiking, bivouac. 

I don't like: Not making myself understood, feeling of being in autopilot all day long, not having precise memories of some events. 

And: Remaining inside, see a picture of me, not manage to focus on a reading.