"I don't have time", how many times do I have heard and pronounced these words during the last few years. No time to cook, to work out, to read, and so many thing else, not even to think. Starting from this source of dissatisfaction and frustration I decided, with the projet Kairos, to challenge the basic parameter of each day: time. To do so, I decided to go beyond the important bibliography on this topic in getting closer to those who live this "time": human beings. This time which can be used, experienced, perceived so differently by a human being. GT


I have launched the projet Kairos in January 2018 after several personal findings (as a young urban working person) :

  •  A time pressure increasingly important in personal and professional decisions.
  •   An increasing volume of information and requests.
  •  A sensation of time acceleration / a difficulty to master time
  •   A de-synchronisation with natural rythm