---- Organisation ----

I organised the projet Kairos in 3 main parts to be developed between january 2018 and about december 2019 :


  • Understanding what time is and what are the mecanisms used for its perception : Theoritical documentation work (literature research, meetings with researchers).




  • Linking the time experienced with the way it is used : Practical illustrative work through meeting people and life experiences.



  • Sharing the outputs of the work, thoughts and life experiences: Communication work about the findings of the first two parts above, by writing (book) and video. 

Some information about what has been done so far

- In the summer 2018 work has progressed on the part "Understanding what time is and what are the mechanisms used for its perception".


After a specific work on the definition of time in physics and philosophy, the various readings and interviews led to the identification of themes that can be analysed in the context of the section " Linking the time experienced with the way it is used" (interviews and experiences (stay in a monastery, stay in Africa and others)).


These themes are for example "technologies and their use", "the relationship to space and the environment" or "sensitivities".

- In November 2018 the "Linking the time experienced with the way it is used" section is also gradually being structured, the launch of this part during this month (November 2018) marks the beginning of my full-time investment in this project. This launch is associated with a "retirement" approach in a monastery.


It is a kind of withdrawal of what my daily life was in the context of a paid work, to manage this transition, to be as open as possible to all new stimuli I could receive but also to discover and experience monastic time. (See the "Actualités" section - only in french for the moment)