---- Support the project ----

For the projet Kairos I am looking for (among but not limited to) :


  • Meeting professionals working on time concept (researchers, clinician, and others) in the following fields: psychology, sociology, anthropology
  • Immersing myself in various cultures (related to bouddhism, hindouism, and others).



  • Interviewing people experiencing unusual environments (astronauts, monks, and others).
  • Interviewing people who made or wish to make change their rhythm of life.




  •  Interviewing people whose activities are ruled by time (high performance athlete, line worker, and others).
  • Talk with writers for writing the book and video makers for the video production.


If you are interested or if you know some people who could be interested in the projet Kairos please contact me.


All contributions/ideas/thoughts are welcome! This project is above all based on human encounter !