Or how to revisit the expression
"I do not have time"

"I do not have time", how many times a day can we pronounce these few words ? No time to cook, to work out, ... to think?

The observation is simple: We sometimes / regularly think to not have time. But is this the case for everyone? Is it an impression or a reality? And what does it mean to "not have time"?


The projet Kairos (Kairos project in english) aims at bringing  thoughts and first answers to these questions through documentations and personal experiments whose outcomes will be presented in a book and others medias (videos, podcasts, arcticles). 

Credits: Pixabay
Credits: Pixabay

More than one in two french people would like to slow down their lifestyle compared to their current situation,

even 83% say they like to take time to do something.


Survey Harris Interactive, les français et leur rapport au temps, february 2018


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